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STRAW is an acronym which stands for “Speak To Read And Write". It is a specially designed interactive card game, applying a whole-brain approach and multi-sensory learning strategies to learn Chinese characters.

We have created a set of cards with artistically designed graphics and visual effects to provide hints on “form and meaning” for each Chinese character. This will help users to recognize, read, write and even create words and phrases.


STRAW Chinese (L1)

⭐STRAW Chinese (Level 1)
1️⃣. >5 Chinese characters 
the sequence of strokes
pronunciation & meaning
2️⃣. >10 words
3️⃣. making basic sentences (verbally)


🌈includes pre-assessment & post-assessment 


STRAW Chinese (L2)

⭐STRAW Chinese (Level 2)
1️⃣. >5 Chinese compound characters 
the sequence of strokes

pronunciation & meaning
2️⃣. radicals and components of characters

3️⃣. >10 words
3️⃣. making basic sentences (verbally)


🌈includes pre-assessment & post-assessment ​

A set of STRAW cards includes:
Set A: 63 cards which include mostly basic characters, and a handful of other elements such as radicals.
Set B: 18 cards which include numbers and words related to dates and time.
In order to promote the development of biliteracy and trilingualism,
the front of each card includes:
1)code of each card
2)Prompt on Form and Meaning 
the back of each card includes
1) the pronunciation of the character, including Cantonese and Mandarin phonetics (pinyin)
2) the number of strokes that make up the character,
3) the sequence of strokes, and
4) related words/phrases.

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How To Use STRAW Cards

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I believe you can create more new characters then the one listed below, share your work with us on STRAW Chinese

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